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Sharp Garuda will repair or replace free of charge, any part, or parts of the Machine that are defective in material or workmanship or both subject to the following terms and conditions.

Transportation charges on the parts submitted for repair or replacement under this warranty must be borne by the customer/Dealer.

Warranty Period

Garuda Mini Weeder 3PT600 1 Year
Garuda Mini Weeder PRO- 3PT600-Pro 1 Year
Garuda Master Weeder 3PT1000D 1 Year
Garuda Paddy weeder 3PT250 1 Year
Garuda Rice Transplanter 3PT350 1 Year
Garuda Power Tiller 3PT1200D 1 Year
Pump (all models) 6 months
Garuda Baby Weeder-3PT200 1 Year
Garuda Micro Weeder-3PT200M 1 Year
Agri weed Cutter ( all Models ) 6 months


  1. Warranty claim is only against Manufacturing defects in material or workmanship.
  2. Wrong handling and misuse of the machinery will not be covered under warranty.
  3. Warranty claim will be recognized only if it satisfies the warranty regulations of the Company.
  4. All Garuda products must be delivered, installed and serviced by Authorised Garuda distributor / dealer.
  5. A proof of purchase receipt will be required to obtain warranty.

Warranty does not include the following

  1. Normal wear and tear. Warranty will not cover repair of a part, when the normal use has exhausted the life of a part or parts.
  2. Premature wear caused by dirt, dust or other abrasive material that has entered into the engine or gearbox due to improper maintenance.
  3. Leaking carburettor, clogged fuel pipes, sticking valves or other damage, caused by using contaminated stale or incorrect fuel type.
  4. Damage to components because of insufficient oil, incorrect grade of oil or contaminated oil.
  5. Parts damaged by over-heating caused by grass, debris or dirt, which plugs or clogs the cooling fins or operating the product in poorly ventilated areas.
  6. Engine or engine component failure i.e. combustion chamber, valves, valve seats, valve guides or starter motor windings caused by the use of LPG / NG or alternate fuels.
  7. Failure due to use of non-genuine parts for repairs and service.
  8. Failure of electric components like fuses, meters, spark plugs, etc., and gaskets or rubber parts.
  9. Transit damage
  10. Excessive v-belt tension, over-speeding or any form of abuse.
  11. Use of Weeders in very hard soil / field with stones.
  12. Breakage of components due to wrong usage / operations.


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