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The Corn Harvester machine is the small type harvester, the machine can work single row corn. The height of the stay is adjustable, the tension clutch works safely, and the turning radius is small.

Complete the function of corn ear picking and straw crushing one line at a time.Equipped with corn bucket for automatic unloading. This machine harvest the corn 0.2-0.4acre/h and the corn straw to crush directly, the straw height above 60 centimetres can be harvested, the straw is higher and corn peeling rate is higher .Work process: corn harvester was used to pick ear in the growing state of corn. Under the action of ear picking roller and ear picking plate, ear stalk was pulled off. Due to the difference in height between the inner and outer picking rollers, the ear falls into the ear box, The high speed rotating cutter cuts the straw from the root and then enters the crushing mechanism to cut the straw into pieces to 3-5cm. After cutting, the straw falls to the ground naturally.

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Power Source  Diesel
Harvest method  Cutting
Drive Type Gear Drive
Transmission  Hard Shaft
 Weight 202 kg
 Power 6.75 kw
 Calibration speed 1800 r / min
 Working width 420 mm
 Collection rate 97%
 Loss rate 1%
 Starting method electric start
 Power diesel