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Special Features:

  • The Sharp Garuda Rice Transplanter is a compact, self-propelled transplanter with a 3 speed transmission allowing for 4 rows of transplanting at one time.
  • Features a hydraulic auto-leveling 3 float system and turn clutches allows for uniform planting of paddy seedlings and easy maneuverability.
  • 2 planting speeds and 6 adjustable seeding widths between 117-223 mm.
  • The Sharp Garuda Transplanter is ideally suited for small to medium sized farming areas.

Suitable Crops

  • Paddy
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Model Number Sharp Garuda 3PT 350
Power (HP) 3.5
Fuel Pertol
Dimension (mm) 2460 x 1480 x 860
Weight (kg) 175
Floating System 3 Floats
Forward Gears 2
Reverse Gears 1
No. of Rows 4
Row Distance (mm) 300
Seeding Distance 223, 220, 180, 146, 130, 117
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


It is a specialized transplanter invented to transplant seeds of rice onto paddy fields. It is a fuel-efficient rice transplanter machine that helps to save a lot of money for the farmers. It helps to control many other activities which are space, depth, and seedlings.

The rice transplanter machine/paddy transplanter is used for transplanting mat type paddy seedlings. It is suitable for all transplanted type paddy varieties. The machine consists of a seedling tray, forks, handle and skids. In operation, the forks pick up the seedlings and plant them in 4/6/8 rows, depending on the machine type. For every stroke of the fork, the seedling tray moves sidewards for uniform picking of seedlings. The Row to row spacing is 300 mm in Sharp Garuda’s Walk behind 4-row transplanter.

1. Reduces labour dependency or availability of farmworkers
2. Decreases workload and stress
3. It is a quick and efficient process.
4. Guarantees timely planting.
5. Uniform row gap, which allows the use of Paddy power weeder
6. When used in conjunction with a paddy power weeder, the weeds are removed, soil aeration happens, which increases the paddy yield by up to 40%