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Weeding is the process of eliminating the competition of wanted plants with the regular crop so that the crop can be grown profitably. Management of weeds is an important component of crop production technique, as the removal of weeds is expensive and hard to achieve at later stages. Weeds take away nutrients and harbor destructive insects, thus causing a reduction in yield. In the past two decades, work has been done on non-chemical management techniques and environmentally safe alternatives to herbicides & weedicides control. Mechanical weeding is generally the most economical method of weed control. Using a rotary, mechanical hand-weeding machine, or wetland weeder gives the best results. Wetland weeders are becoming popular because they can be utilized under shallow water conditions. Weeds are uprooted by the teeth of the weeder and buried in the mud due to their pull and push operations. It is safe and environment-friendly. Weeding must be done at least three times during one season. The weeder has to be used as soon as the weeds germinate. Early weeding is easier and completely destroys weeds while they are very small.

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Material      Mild Steel
Net Weight      6 kg