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Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process is backed with the technologically advanced tools and machineries that have facilitated us to manufacture a wide range of products. The entire manufacturing unit is controlled by our effective management team sharpened through years of experience. Moreover, we have Quality Assurance Unit and R & D Unit that assures our quality policy and innovation.

Our product quality combined with market friendly policies and customer support have enabled us to earn the goodwill and build a well-organized business network in domestic and international markets such as Middle East and Africa. Today, we have more than 120 dealers serving millions of happy customers across the globe.


Every new product that Sharp Garuda makes is designed with the farmer in mind. Our engineers visit the farm lands across the country and interact with farmers to understand the difficulties in conventional farming and design a product that would not only make the farmers’ lives easier, but also increase the yields of the crops in a sustainable fashion.

We have a 3 stage development method, where a first prototype is made and is evaluated by the engineers themselves at the fields. Based on the field trials and inputs from farmers, a few second prototype machines are made in the production line and are given to farmers for an extended period of use in the real world. This stage is vital to gauge the reliability of the machines. With the results at hand from the extended use, final modifications are done, including aesthetic design and the machine is taken for homologation and subsidy approval.

Finally, we wish to evoke our vision “To be the most trusted, embraced and accepted brand globally by our customers, employees and the society in every sector we operate in”.