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Mini Tractor Driven Automatic Seed cum Fertilizer Drill MODEL: MINI 0510


The tractor-driven seed drill is useful for planting seeds, applying fertilizer, creating water channels, and covering the seeds with soil all at one time. Tractor-driven seed planter can plants seeds in 1 to 21 lines & can be weighted up to 20-50 kg. of seeds.

Due to its multipurpose usage farmer can plant seeds at big farms in a shorter period of time. Due to this feature, they also reduce the cost of labor, save expensive high-breed seeds, and seeds can be planted at an even distance as per set in the hopper/rotor.

In a tractor-driven seed drill, either 2 different crops can be planted, or seeds & fertilizer can be planted at a time. The available size of seed drill is 6 feet to 11 feet in width which is applicable as per tractor capacity either mini or heavy tractor.

Tractor-driven automatic seed drill is available in various different models having 10 / 20 / 24 / 32 / 40 / 42 teeth or as per the actual requirement of farmers.

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◉ Latest technology but very simple in use, reasonable price, and more useful.

◉ 2 In parallel lines fixed quality seeds can plant an even distance, saving costly seeds.

◉ Developed after years of experience and research.

◉ Groundnuts, Garlic, Wheat, Cummins, Seas mum, Gram, Millet Mustard, Kidney bean, Phase lied Mungo, Green Moong, Niger Pearl, Corn, Soya bean, Caster seed, Cotton seed, Pigeon Pea, etc. Useful for sawing all types of seeds and fertilizer.

◉ In dry or wetlands can be lined up to 1 to 5 lines in Ox driven seed drill and 1 to 21 lines in Tractor driven seed drill.

◉ The drive wheel attached at the end of the seed drill can be adjusted through the chain is equally important for the speed and accuracy of sawing seeds.

◉Multipurpose rotor sets numbering from 1 to 7 are given with the seed planter along with different attachments

1 No of Tyne’s 5 -19Tyne
2 Row to row spacing 6 inch Adjustable
3 Length of the Main Frame 57inch,extension available up to 112inch (box type)
4 Hopper Capacity (Approx in kg) Seed-30 Kg & Fertilizer- 38 Kg
5 Require of Tractor HP 15-75 HP
6 Extra Facility Leveller.
7 Suitability Maize, Gram, Wheat, Groundnut, Cotton seed, Castor, Paddy, Garlic, Cumin seed, Soya bean, Sunflower ,All types of grains, Cereals & pulse seeds