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Manual seeder is suitable for the cultivated soil, especially the sandy soil, and suitable for seeds like wheat, corn, Peanut, beans, cotton, etc.It can be used for sowing and applying fertilizers. A person can sow 8000-10000 m2 seeds with a seeder per day.

The efficiency is 4-5 times more than manual seeding. Sowing seeds with this machine according to season and time will decrease the sowing time and enhance the output especially this product is suitable for plains, mountains, hills, mountains, plains, film used. Sharp lips make seeder from terrain constraints..The use of high quality so that the wheel rolling bearing more lightweight, durable.The body transparent visual, user-friendly and can visually see the accuracy of the next seed. Transparent casing able to see the remaining number of seeds and fertilizers. Seeding number, spacing, depth, and fertilizer amount can be adjusted as needed. Install repression drums armrest height can be adjusted, and the lower seed depth, angle change, to ensure the emergence of odd. 1 day minimum sowing 15-20 acres simple and easy to use, reliable quality and security.

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CROP SUITABILITY Beans, Corn , Cotton , Soya Beans, Peanuts, Chickpea, Maize, Sunflower seeds
Machine Suitability Cultivated Soil especially sandy soil Plain lands, Mountain & Hills.
Type Manual Planter, Single Row
Weight 12 Kgs
Seeding Rate 1 – 3 Seeds
Working Capacity 8000 – 10,000 m2/day