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Special Features:

  • Our Sharp Garuda’s Paddy Weeder is an innovative product and it is first of its kind equipment that provides complete solution for weeding in the Paddy Fields.
  • Powered by a 1.75 HP 2-stroke petrol engine, the weeder features 8 high speed blades (4 per side) an adjustable weeding width, allowing easy weeding of smaller paddy crop by Row Planting Methods.
  • The innovative floating system provides easy maneuverability and operation for paddy crop weeding.

Suitable Crops

  • Paddy in Row Planting
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Model Number Sharp Garuda 3PT 250
Power(HP) 1.75
Fuel Petrol/2str Oil
Dimension (mm) 1470 x 735 x 830
Weight (kg) 17
Speed 300
No. of Blades 8
Weeding Width (mm) 150 std
Row Spacing (mm) 250
Weeding KIT (mm) 120, 180
Suitable for (mm) 200, 300 (Row Space)
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


The paddy weeder machine works well in conjunction with a paddy transplanter. The row gap has to be 250 – 300 mm for the paddy weeder to work with minimal crop loss. This machine helps in two aspects

1. Remove weeds between the rows
2. Aerate the soil and let sunlight reach the roots of the paddy crop
When used effectively, the paddy yield increases up to 40%

Paddy weeder is a machine that helps remove weeds that grow in the row gaps of paddy crops. The machine is powered by a small 2-stroke petrol engine and has a float and wheels to perform the weeding operation.