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Paddy Thresher

This model is engineered to fulfil the threshing requirements of agricultural industry and has an output capacity of 400-800 Kg Per Hour Depend upon the Yield and Feeding of crop. The paddy straw does not get cut into pieces. Specifications Fitted with 2 pneumatic tyres of size 6.00 X 16. Provided with Feeding Platform for easy feeding. Tractor Model ( 6 Feet ) Model Paddy Thresher (Mobile Unit) also available.  The crop is fed into the feeding hopper which is threshed by axial flow mechanism and paddy straw comes out from the blower. Suitable to be driven by 10 HP Diesel Engine or above.

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Item Specification
Power required 10 Hp
Capacity 400-800 Kg Per Hour
Usage/Application Threshing Of Paddy
Category Engine Driven
Motor Power 90 w
Function Multi Corp
Automation Grade Automatic
Threshing Capacity 600-1500 kg/hr
Machine Output 400-800 Kg Per hour