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Special Features:

  • The Sharp Garuda Master Weeder is a self-propelled compact Multi-purpose weeder designed to provide you with an easy to operate inter-crop weeder, tiller, bund former and ploughing machine.
  • With a small turning radius the Master Weeder is one of the most maneuverable machines on the market of its kind.
  • Featuring a 2.5 ft wide rotavator with 16 tynes, the machine allows you to cover more area in less time.
  • Our Master Weeder is actually a light weight Power Tiller, with multipurpose usage like bund forming, ridging, Sprayer, reaping works with proper attachments and is suitable for hill region cultivation.

Suitable Crops

  • Vegetables | Grapes | Mulberry | Banana | Coconut | Sugarcane | Apple | Orange | Amla | Mango | Other Orchard Crops
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Model Number Sharp Garuda 3PT 1000D
Engine KM186F
Fuel Diesel
Power(HP) 9
Air Filter Oil Bath Type
Dimension (mm) 1850 x 660 x 1060
Weight (kg) 260
Wheel Track Width 660
Forward Gears 6
Reverse Gears 2
Rotovator Centre Drive
Gears 2
Speed(RPM) 260 & 375
No of Blades 16
Blade Width (mm) 520 (20″)
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.